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No Other Differences by evemetalchick

It was a sunny and beautiful day in Frotune Hills and it was a perfect day for working on some gardening. There were spaced out clouds and the sky was a clear blue. There were few kids and teens outside either playing or sunbathing. It wasn’t warm enough to go swimming, but nonetheless, it was still beautiful. I was outside my small but cozy 2 bedroom home working on my tulip and carnation garden. Tulips are my favorite flowers and I enjoy them very much; I also like roses, but those are a pain in the butt to tend to, so I’m growing carnations with the tulips. The pink and red from the carnations matched well with the yellow and white of the tulips and the garden stretched through the front of my house except by the door.

   As I worked on my garden, I suddenly got a cold feeling in the pit of my stomach then something tapped on my shoulder. When I turned, I see a tall thin figure looking down at me. The figure was about my height and by how the body looked, it was a female. Her arms and legs were very thin and her skin was pale and slightly gray. Her hair was a very dark, almost black blue color with red tips. Her eyes were brown like mine but darker and her face looked indifferent; she wasn’t smiling nor frowning. She wore cherry red blush and crimson red lipstick that complimented her face perfectly. She wore a small white muscle shirt with Vic Rattlehead’s face that showed her stomach and black pants that reached her knees; she also wore cute black one inch wedges. She had a bracelet on her left wrist that matched mine, but was white and on it was Hastune Miku while mine was dark pink and had Meiko; I didn’t like the vocaloids that much, but I got the bracelet from my best friend Abby, so I wear it all the time. I knew exactly who this girl was; it was my other Adeline.

   I groaned and stood up to meet Adeline’s gaze. “What do you want Adeline?” I asked in an annoyed tone. A gust of wind blew by and made Adeline and my hair dance in the wind. “I heard from Eilla that you were feeling upset, so I stopped by to see if you were ok.” Adeline said in a calm and gentle voice that echoed like any other depression other would but it wasn’t as noticeable. I rolled my eyes and sighed. “I’m fine now; I just had a bad day.” I go back to working on my garden and Adeline knelt down next to me, looking at the pretty tulips that swayed in the wind. “Can I help you?” I thought for a moment then groaned; I didn’t want to argue with her and I know what would happen if I did. “I guess. Can you go get the bag of fertilizer and the hose?” She nods and heads to the shed.

   When Adeline comes back, she sets the bag down and lightly sprayed the flowers that were already tended with water. I grabbed fertilizer and place some around the carnations. We worked for about an hour then took a break for lunch; we ate chicken and ransion pudding. I didn’t mind being around Adeline when she’s calm, but lately she has been bullying me about how I look or how I am towards people. There were rare times where she would push me into feeling bad about myself and to kill myself. Today, she was pretty docile, so I had nothing to worry about, though I’ll have to kill Eilla later. When we finished eating and cleaning the dishes, we went back to working on the garden.

   After a few minutes, Adeline finally says something, still sounding gentle. “After we’re done, wanna go to the Frotune Hills amusement park?” I stopped what I was doing and looked up at her. “You know I hate going there. I get depressed and I know ‘they’ will be there.” The “they” I’m talking about are Raven Lee and Dawn Dee. They were best friends that looked like they could be twins. When I’m around them, I feel like the only ways to escape them is to hide for a week or kill myself. They love to torture me and other people into doing what they want them to do. Adeline was their friend, so she would be safe. Out of the two, Raven seemed the cleverer while Dawn was gutsier. Adeline sighs and kneels next to me. “I’ll make sure they won’t do anything to you. They’re probably too lazy to do anything to you today.” She says while trying to sound convincing; it didn’t work since it was hard to trust her when it comes to Raven and Dawn.

   I stood up and looked at Adeline, looking angry. “I don’t want to go near those two, so I’m not going.” Adeline stands up and frowns at me. “Why don’t you want to be near them? It’s not that they won’t make you more depressed than you already are.” She said quietly and her voice got significantly lower. “They make me feel useless and I feel like killing myself afterwards.” I said to her and she just smiled evilly. “Maybe if would be better if you were gone. You are pretty much worthless to everyone you know, even to Abby.” I got angrier at myself than I was at her for continuing this argument. “Too bad Adeline, that wish will never come true.” She looks down at my tools then picks up the weed remover and slowly walks towards me, her eyes turning fully black and filled with murderous rage. “Then I’ll do it instead.”

   I run from Adeline and into the house, closing and locking the door before she could get inside. She pounds at the door angrily and shouts at me to open the door. I walked to the kitchen and fell to my knees, crying from fear that she would get in somehow; the kitchen door was also locked, so she wouldn’t get in so easily. I couldn’t hide the fact that she was probably right; I did feel like I was worthless to everyone, even to my best friend who I loved dearly. I stayed there crying when I suddenly heard a tap on my window. I jumped in fright, but what I saw there wasn’t Adeline; it was Eilla, my sister Allie’s other. Eilla looked very similar to Allie, but she was a little bigger. She also had Allie’s old haircut and faded pink hair; she also had pale white skin in contrast to Adeline’s slightly gray skin. Even though she was a depression other like Adeline, she’s not as bad as her.

   I quickly let Eilla in and as soon as I locked the door, I latched onto her shirt and cried. She hugged me gently and rubbed my head, trying to calm me down. “Are you ok Eve?” She asked calmly, her voice echoing more that Adeline’s when talking normally. I look up at her and nodded slowly. “I’m not harmed physically, but I’m really scared Eilla. She’s trying to kill me again.” She helps me stand up and even though I taller than her by about 3 inches, she still hugged me and tried to calm me down. “Why are you here anyway Eilla?” I asked as I wiped my tears and she kept rubbing my head. “Adeline asked about you earlier and then I heard some shouting, so I decided to check on you then when I got here, I saw her pounding at the door with a weed remover.” I nodded and moved away from her, still wiping away my tears. “Please help me.” She nods then heads to the door where Adeline was still pounding away.

   When Eilla opens the door, there stood Adeline with the tool and she looked up at her with rage. “Get out of my way Eilla.” Adeline said with her voice filled with rage that echoed more than before. Eilla stood where she was and didn’t move. “I’m not letting you hurt Eve again.” She leapt onto Adeline and they both fought to the ground, Eilla trying to remove the tool from her hand. As they fought, I ran to the bathroom and grabbed my bottle of renocyde, which was basically an antidepressant liquid that I would use in serious cases like this. I ran back to find the tool gone and Eilla was on top of Adeline, who was struggling under her grip. I ran up to them and I tried to make Adeline drink the blue liquid, which she spat out a few time after finally drinking enough to calm her down.

   When Adeline calmed down, Eilla and I took her to the living room and sat her down on the couch. Adeline looked down at the ground and rubbed her arm which had a cut the weed remover. I moved a little closer to her and looked down at her. “Are you calm now?” I asked and when she looked up, her eyes were slightly gray, showing that she didn’t have any energy to do anything, which made it safe. “Yeah, I’m sorry Eve. I don’t know what got over me.” I sighed and looked at Eilla; she had her own wounds, but they weren’t that bad. She looked at Adeline with a bit of anger in her eyes. “Why were you trying to kill her?” She said and her voice echoed more. Adeline looked back down to the ground and seemed pretty guilty about what happened. “I asked her if she wanted to go to the amusement park, but she didn’t want to go because Raven and Dawn might be there. I got mad by the fact that she didn’t like my friends and the more she spoke, the angrier I got. When she told me that she’ll never kill herself, I decided to do the job instead.”

   Eilla sighs and shook her head, looking at the pathetic other that was sitting on the couch. She then looked at me and I looked guilty as well, even though I was trying to end the argument, I knew that it was kind of my fault as well. “I know that your depression is pretty bad Eve, but I didn’t think it would get to where it would have her try and kill you. Did you take your medicine this morning?” I nodded and sighed; I actually ran out of my usual dose of 800mg necrodicine, which is the antidepressant I took. “I didn’t have my medicine with the right dose though, so I took the 500mg one. I didn’t want to over dose if I took two, so I only took one.” Eilla nodded and rubbed my back gently. “Make sure you get that medicine as soon as you can. It’s also a good idea for Adeline to stay away from you till then.”

   Adeline stood and walked over to me, still looking calm. She then hugged me gently, her arms wrapping around my neck. “I’m so sorry. I’ll make sure to not come around you until you get the medicine.” I sigh and hugged her back. After a few seconds, I pushed her away and looked very serious. “Don’t come around me for a week. I don’t know when I get the medicine, but that should give me enough time for things to settle.” Adeline nods and looks down, feeling guilty. Eilla walks up to Adeline and wraps her arm around her shoulders. “Let me take you home. I think we’re all exhausted.” Adeline nods and walks out the door with Eilla. Once they left, I closed the door and sat on the couch, feeling much worn out. I never understood why Adeline would want to kill me when I don’t want to hurt myself like Allie. I guess I’ll never understand, but at least I can do what I can to calm both myself and Adeline.

I will say about this, this is basically a fiction story that I based my struggles on. most of what happen is not true, such as the medicine and getting as serious as where I would kill myself; though I have had thoughts. The basis of others belong to :iconreitanna-seishin: I hope you all enjoy this and I'll be back for more

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